I don’t know how to break up with you 1

„Always” is the word of women , why? Because we use it frequently for make an adventure to last longer …. Forever. Then we give to men a chance to win so there is no need for separation with reproaches then we should reinvent „always”. Restrict it more of overriding, to transform “till death will separate us “ into “Until we break up”
“No one died after a separation” that my best friend always said to me . The world it is full of people who don’t love. They live ,cedes, see other people, without no need of someone who fills their thoughts or soul , or their space. I don’t know that this is life….
My friend use to say that in our life we likely to lose someone or something even you will find you soul the story isn’t complete and when something isn’t complete they still leaving their life…I don’t know if that is good but everybody can make his own decisions !


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