I know even I wonder…?

I wonder if paranoia it’s when you remember things that you think that are forgetten or something like that…
there are things that came to end and we didn’t have to regret them …things just happen and we have to smile and start again …
me.. I don’t make plans that include other people cause it’s hard when people desapoinded you…I know one thing God has a lot of plans with me, He create me for something …and if somenthing it doesn’t happen like it must I just put a long smile on my face and go 🙂
no I’m not very happy ..not in this moment..I think I’m lossing myself… I wonder who I am…doI fit in this world?…. too much wickedness in this world……. I miss how it was once because it was better I do not know if I say this because it seemed better because I was smaller and naive or or because the world around me had better care of me…. Now as I grew up like all seem to rush on me , the time has passed so fast….that I wonder if I could stop it just for one second … but this question is not founded ..time can’t be stopped..or changed…we can only change the present…What we do now…. not what we done….or what we will do in future years…we can only know what happends now in this moment of our lives…
so what do you gonna do when the end will came? (another stupid question..I know..but I still wonder…) me…I’m not waiting the end of all…. I don’t like the endings.. no… no early stories…I like when everything comes natural…..
yes when you see him…and he sees you…u will look both in the eyes..not say anything…just look…
oh I love when he take my hand and we go for a walk…and when he smiles ..he make my world more colorful…but this is it…only in my dreams … and I still can’t see his face….
I know but I still wonder..where it takes me all of this….

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