Time doesn’t forgive or forget …just passes over our youth, over our dreams, passes over people around us and changes them….it makes them unrecognizable……The world has changed …..People have become robots…robots without heart, reason, character, dignity. Robots without the trace of humanity, cold, dry…. we are all sad … hungry for money … of material things and nothing more… the perfect image for a world on the road of disruption….

what can we do?

We must find our way back to humanity…… back to values, love, trust, friendship….. back to feelings. We must not lose this war. We still have time to change and save our planet. We still have time to be good with each other. We still have time to understand each other, to accept each other, to love each other…..

The change must come with you … you must become the best version of yourself…… you must be the example who sets the rules.

Dark Rose :*


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