This is for my friend who doesn’t understand romanian language very well!
How to accept that a man didn’t love you, when years have passed since you know him , when you sleep and you woke up with his image? How to recognize you defeated and condemned to misery, when you’ve already endured more than you can , more than you should? How to accept a simple „Never mind” or ” It doesn’t matter anymore”? when you have wasted thousands of words that you believe to be convinced that something better than you he will never find and nobody will ever love him with so much passion, with so much truth …than you…
How to erase your tears in a record time when time has swallowed some of your beauty?How to remove the sponge in a moment everything you thought it was the best and most important of your whole life lived by then?How to resign ourselves that was not to be, when you have channeled all energies to be something?How to annihilate much of your soul just because one day someone decided that his life would be different without you? How to bear the thought that another woman take you place, with no clear explanation, when you know you loved him more than you love yourself, and you know that you didn’t do anything wrong?
How to walk confidently through the streets filled with love, telling you that you loved someone one day and he didn’t loved you? How can you have faith in a pink future when the reality is gray? How may you look in the mirror, repeating all the qualities that you have when the man you’ve highlighted didn’t saw them? How to be a sentimental woman when endured in silence your love that had only uncertainty? How do you still think that you have memories when everything seems to end just in a secund when you thought a lie more or less aware?
How to accept all the compliments , see mens that throw you naughty looks, when you know the boy that you dream didn’t speak to you….didn’t see you….
How to keep a balance when you don’t understand anything of what is happening, you get to only believe in nothing? How to forget many things you’ve done , not apparent to him, to succeed do not hurt you anymore? How to lie that all is well, when you’ll meet him and you know that all it is worse? How to have hopes and expectations, when you feel tired of searching nothing? How to be happy, human when you are alone and terribly sad? How to accept that love was not love, that Prince was only a frog that you turned into a Prince who never loved you , even if he didn’t told you in words, all your world with wonders was only a small globe, ornament, which was broken?
How to accept that he didn’t loved you, when everything you know to do better, until then, was to love?
How? With the dignity of a woman who still breathing, although she didn’t really live….her life….