First movie :)

Hy there?
How you’ve been? …
I hope fine….i went to see a movie with my boyfriend today …..i just arrive home from there…and I was thinking of what i saw in that movie…. Django Unchained the name of the movie ….
„Former dentist, Dr. King Schultz, buys the freedom of a slave, Django, and trains him with the intent to make him his deputy bounty hunter. Instead, he is led to the site of Django’s wife who is under the hands of Calvin Candie, a ruthless plantation owner. ”

so after I saw this movie I hate the word „SLAVE”, so stupid to have or treat people as slaves, we are all equals…women and men…..blacks or whites … rich or poor…young or old….we are all in this planet for something….all have a life…dreams or wishes, WE ALL LOVE SOMETHING OR SOMEONE , we all have talent and we all work to get anything we can…. and we all search for some special person who cares for us . who loves us , make us happy , we all want to live a beautiful life …. each in his own way we don’t have to jude the way another person act , or how does his skin color , or who believes in ….or in these days what is covered with …. what is important is the way that person make us feel , what we see when that person looks us in the eyes , what is for real not what the other tell us that person is, first you must know thea person after that you are allowed to juge ….. no not to juge cos you don’t have that right …. but you can tell your opinion of people because we live in a free world … or we seem to live in …. but don’t have the right to hurt people ….:( nobody have to be punished for his skin color , his religion, or because is poor ….. I’m poor too and now someone would say ..”yes , but you are white and you believe in God „, so what ? that’s make me better? I don’t think so… i could kill somebody… that’s not make me good , i could be some slut or worst a killer ….no I’m not any of these …I’m only a gir who’s hopping to became an independent women ….it’s for certain I will not change this world ….but it’s not wasting my time trying…. it says „Who try …. some day succedes”….so I’m not perfect….hope some day I will :)) for example in this moment I’m asking myself „Where are my manners?” because I\m eating with my hands :))) .

You may ask ..”Why independent women?”…. we all want to have self control…. without a boss or someone who tells us what do to or when to do it….and I want to became something by my work , it’s not a easy way… but I’m on the right street …. what makes me wonder if it’s ok is becoming single and sad person with a lot of cats in my apartament …. and tha’s not funny…………… why I said that? cause a normal guy will not agree with a independent women…. for who he will work if she can buy for herself all that she wants?… for women is necessary to have a purpose , to fight for something , to have one clue …for men it’s not the same thing…. but they are good person too…some of them ….not all:))

First movie whit my boyfriend …. oh God …he was sitting there so cute…. you know what I like so much at him?… no you don’t …. I’ll tell you…. his eyes …. are always bright .. like he’s never tried ….like he’s hopping to be better every day…and it is better…..he makes me believe I can be better than I am…. make me be different…. because he makes me feel special … it is sad that I can’t make him wanna be different …or become the best … or to believe more in hiself … I know he can do more , he can become a great person ….i trust in his qualities …. I would like to tell him…that I don’t need a guy who can buy me the stars or the sky…. i can buy this with my work …. (not right now cause I don’t have a stabil job…but in the future ) …what I need is a real man … with personality ….serious but still funny when it has to:) person who can fight to get where it has to…. in effect a person who can fight by my side for a better situation 🙂 and I don’t know why … I think we can make it !

And this is just the beginning ….or how the title says …. this is just the first movie 😛
Have a good night all of you 🙂 and keep reading my blog…. it’s full of crap but craps are anywhere :))
DArk Rose :*